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Hair Services

Hair Cuts – the full works

At Salon Nayana, your haircut experience begins with a complete consultation and hair analysis with a stylist, followed by shampoo & conditioning with a mini relaxing scalp massage.


Your hair will be cut and texturized to deliver the desired look enhancing your face shape and highlighting your features.


Our well-trained stylists use modern cutting techniques designed to handle curly, wavy, scanty, or straight hair to achieve the perfect finish.


We complete your haircut with a superb blow dry with recommendations for at-home haircare – now you are Insta ready so go on, snap that selfie.


Hair Cuts – Ladies

Cut only without a wash 

Rs 3,000


Cut & Blowdry

Rs 3,500


Cut & blow dry by Creative Director 

Rs 5,000


Mini Conditioning Treatment (Only with hair cut)

Rs 1,000


Hair Trim

Rs 2,000 upwards


Hair Wash

Rs 1,000

Child's Hair Cut

Rs 1000 upwards


Hair Cuts – Gents

Cut & Blowdry plus 7 Min. Massage



Hair Wash

Rs 1,000 upwards


Beard Trim

Rs 400 upwards

Child's Hair Cut

Rs 1,000 upwards

Hair Colour Services


Hair colouring has undergone a revival in the last few years. Gone are the days when people would simply come to the salon for white hair (grey) coverage or a few highlights. Thanks to social media, men, and women are more adventurous and now charge into the salon armed with Instagram screenshots of their favourite looks.


Each colour service begins with a complete consultation and analysis to assess hair condition and gauge what is the best option available – to change your hair colour to one fashionable shade, white hair coverage or go on a wild streak (pun intended).

Tints - Ladies

White Hair Coverage – Regrowth 

Rs1,500 upwards

This is a colour retouch – applying colour to the roots only (hair regrowth) covering where your previous colour has grown out.


White Hair Coverage – Full Head

Rs 2,500 upwards 

A solid permanent colour, applied to all your hair (from roots to ends). You get to decide if you want to go lighter or darker or maintain a similar tone.

Fashion Colour – Global

Rs 8,000 upwards

Vivid or pastel colour formulations are the trend.

To achieve an extremely soft and natural “rooty” look a Balayage service is the thing for you, especially if you are looking for a low maintenance ombre style. A degree of pre-lightening will be required given your hair condition.


Rs10,000 upwards

(+ Colour – Full tube 2000/=, Half tube 1000/=, Quarter tube 500/=)

Streaking entails adding texture and dimension to your hair colour with highlights and lowlights. Pre-lightening is required. Your streaks can be chunky, light or natural – full or partial streaks. Take your pick depending on what you are aiming for and the look you want to achieve. It’s always good to show your stylist a photo of the look you want, so the both of you are on the same page.


Tints – Gents

At most times hair colour is used to blend/cover white (grey) hair, or to change tone. But if you are feeling bold and are up to a challenge putting in some streaks can be a fun addition.


White Hair Coverage – Normal Length

Rs 4,500


Fashion Colour – Global

Rs 4500


Streaking - Rs 4000

(+ Colour - Full tube 2000/=, Half tube 1000/=, Quarter tube 500/=)

Chemical Treatment for your hair


We have a vast range of chemical hair treatments, to create any look you desire. Keep in mind that these treatments can take several hours, yet the results are well worth it, so come prepared to spend bonding time with your stylist.

To begin, we do a complete consultation and analysis to assess hair condition, desired end look and determine what is the best option available.

Perm – Ladies and Gents

01 free conditioner treatment  

Rs10,000 upwards

+ Product cost (* upwards)


We love curls and so are the many ladies and gents who have had this done at Salon Nayana. A perm is a safe way to achieve long-lasting curls or waves. What’s more, it’s very manageable and reduces styling time. If you are looking for a wash and wear kind of look, a perm should be considered.


Smoothening/Rebonding – Ladies and Gents

01 free conditioner treatment

+ Product cost (* upwards)

These treatments are great for those who want a long-lasting, straight result. Easy to manage and will last up to 6-8 months with some tender loving care. Smoothening/Rebonding breaks and reshapes protein bonds altering the structure of your hair.


These methods can also be used on very curly hair as well – to straighten or to simply stretch out those difficult curls giving it a soft wavy look.

Keratin Treatment

+ Product cost (* upwards)

Rs 25,000

This is a protein-rich treatment that infuses natural Keratin into the hair's cuticle restoring hair to its pristine condition. A Keratin treatment does not change the genetic makeup of hair, it simply makes hair more manageable, easy to style, reduces curl, and is frizz-free.


A non-permanent chemical service that softens coarse hair and reduces frizz while allowing the natural texture to remain. Keratin smoothing makes the hair much easier to blow dry and style. Blow-dry time is cut in half and the hair's integrity and strength are significantly improved leaving hair shiny and smooth. On average, this life-changing treatment lasts up to 5 months.

Hair / Scalp Treatments


A variety of treatments addressing special needs from dry, dull, frizzy hair to dandruff control to hair loss therapy.


These are mainly used to strengthen and treat hair that has been damaged by neglect, previous chemical treatments gone wrong, heat, and other factors. A 60-minute treatment will leave your hair feeling luxurious and help reverse the damage. On a less serious note, these treatments are a good way to de-stress after a tiring week or simply to give yourself some TLC.

Scalp Massage Without wash 



Scalp Massage With wash & dry


Scalp Massage With a wash, dry & blow-dry



Special Treatments

Deep Conditioning Treatment 

Rs3000 upwards

Dandruff Treatment


Hair Loss Treatment


Moroccan Oil Treatment

Rs4500 upwards

Hair Spa Treatment with Serum



Our salons are world-class, fitted with the best salon equipment and lovingly operated by some of the top hair stylists and beauticians in the country. We maintain several branches across the city, offering convenient access to all clients. 


Next to Laugfs

14A Sunethradevi Rd


Mt Lavinia

Near Beach Road

182 Galle Rd,

Mount Lavinia


Fringe by Nayana

Shop 23-24, Marino Mall 590 Galle Rd, Colombo 00300


K Zone

 #63 (K-Zone, Negombo Rd,



Near St Lucias Church

18 St Lucia's St, Colombo 01300

Beauty Services

Detailed pricing of all the beauty services offered at Salon Nayana. We are extremely concerned about health, hygiene, and safety. 

Beauty services are more pampering than chore. So, kick back and enjoy getting your new look on.



A method of hair removal originating in India. Mainly used for facial hair removal.


Rs 200

Upper Lip

Rs 200


Rs 400


Rs 400

Full face

Rs 1200


This is a process of hair removal using honey wax, a sticky substance with which the hair is removed from the root. Waxing can be applied to almost every area of the body – eyebrows, face, bikini line, legs, arms, back, abdomen, chest, knuckles, and feet. So, say farewell to unwanted hair.

Under Arm

Rs 550

Half Arm

Rs 1200

Full Arm

Rs 1800

Half Leg

Rs 1600

Full Leg

Rs 2100

Bikini Line

Rs 600

Full body

Rs 10,000 



Skin bleaching is a process that aims to lighten dark areas/patches of skin or generally achieve a paler skin tone. For best results, you will need to continue regular treatments.

Upper Lip

Rs 400

Face & neck

Rs 1600

Under Arms

Rs 550

Half Arms

Rs 1700

Full Arms

Rs 1900

Half Legs

Rs 1800

Full Legs

Rs 2300

Full Body

Rs 9500 


Hand and Feet Care

Areas that are generally overlooked are our hands and feet, which need tender loving care like the rest of our body. Apart from the relaxing, pampering effects we enjoy, hand and foot care is important to our health and appearance. Smelly feet and unkept fingernails are a total put off in any environment. Well-groomed hands and feet boost your confidence while adding to your attractiveness.



Rs 900


Rs 1800

With gel colour

Rs 3000


Gel Nails

One nail

Rs 800

Fills only

Rs 3800

On natural nails

Rs 4800

On Tips

Rs 4900


Acrylic Nails

One Nail

Rs 800

Fills only

Rs 3800

On natural nails

Rs 4800

Full set tips

Rs 4900




Rs 1000


Rs 2200

With gel colour

Rs 3500

Foot Massage

Rs 2500

Looking after your face

A good skincare routine is an important aspect of grooming. While glowing skin will build your confidence, it will also help in preventing skin-related issues and slows down aging. It’s a given nowadays that a day-to-day skin care routine is needed, however, from time to time some professional attention should be given to help keep your skin looking its best.


Facial treatment

Clean up

Rs 4000

Full facial

Rs 6000


Special skin treatments

Skin Lightening

Rs 4000

Eye Treatment

Rs 2500

Back Treatment

Rs 3500


Dress in Style

Strike a pose, make an entrance…


Thanks to social media, events (a special dinner at home, a wedding, graduation, party, cocktail or an exclusive function) have never been so out there as they are right now.


So, take advantage of our well-trained stylists and makeup artists to bring out the glamour in you and achieve that perfect look to turn heads. Customised styling bringing your vision to life.

(68 words)


Sari drape only

Rs 1500

Hair Style

Rs 3,000 upwards


Rs 3000

Full dressing – hair, makeup & sari drape

Rs 5500


Additional charges – Early morning dressings

Before 6.00 am

Rs 3500

06.00am to 9.00am

Rs 2000

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