Hairdressing and Beauty Experts right here in K-Zone Ja-Ela to make you look and feel great both inside and out

Where we are

Shopping Centre, #63 (K-Zone), Negombo Rd, Ja-Ela

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Located within the K-Zone shopping mall in Ja-Ela, our team of hairdressing and beauty experts here will help you look and feel great with their specially honed contemporary hair and beauty services. They continue the Salon Nayana trademark of innovative styles, capabilities in modern techniques plus equipment, deep customer-focus, and traditional warmth.


Our beloved Madhu, her talents extend beyond hairdressing and beauty. Her empathetic approach in life makes her an excellent leader while her mentality of always being a student keeps her at the top of her craft, so she can remain at the top of the industry.


Kala is an all-rounder with strong attention to detail. She always describes her clients as her most valuable asset and aims constantly to uplift their experience.


Shayo is a spectacular hairstylist and beautician. She has wealth of experience and a hunger for more knowledge as she loves the industry.

She is extremely charming and a great listener.


Shani is one that can do it all. Apart from her skills, her most powerful asset is her smile and radiance. Whilst delivering exceptionally high quality services, she is able to ensure that you feel 100%.


Tharindu is our resident hair expert who specializes in both male and female services. He constantly strives for perfection through the improvement of his skills and craft.


Our young Instagram sensation, she was born with a natural sense of fashion and an incredible eye. Young as she is, she is a special talent who will surely take her skill set to the next level gradually.


From when he started with us at a tender age, he is now a young man with an incredible talent in hair. He is consistently learning and practicing to improve in his craft and passion.


Ladies Hair Services 

Cut and Blow Dry - Rs 3000

Cut and Blow Dry by Hair Director - Rs 4000

Blow Dry Setting and Ironing - Rs 1900 ++ 

White hair coverage (Regrowth) - Rs 1000 ++

White hair coverage (Full head) - Rs 2200 ++ 

Streaking - Rs 8500 ++

Global Colour - 6500 ++

Perming /Smoothening /Rebonding - Rs7500 ++

Keratin - Rs 17500 ++

Scalp Massage with Wash, Dry and Blowdry - Rs 2350 ++

Moroccan Oil Treatment - Rs 5000 ++ 

Hair Spa Treatment with Serum - Rs 2700 ++

Hair Extension Fashion Colour - Rs 600 per strand

Natural Look Hair Extension - Rs 37500 ++

Deep Conditioning Treatment - Rs 2000 ++

Gent's Hair Services

Cut and Blow Dry - Rs 1200

Hair Wash -  Rs 350

Hair Trim - Rs 400

Shave -  Rs 400

Royal Beard Spa - Rs 2000

Blow Dry and Setting - Rs 800

White Hair Coverage - Rs 1000 ++

Fashion Colour Global - Rs 2900 ++

Streaking - Rs 5800 ++

Dressings and Bridal

Sari Drape only - Rs 1000

Hairstyle - Rs 1900 ++

Makeup - Rs 1750

Full dressing - Rs 4000

For bridal inquiries please contact Madhu on +94 77 986 3045

Beauty Services


Under Arm -  Rs 450

Half Arm  - Rs 1000

Full Arm  - Rs 1500

Half Leg - Rs 1300

Full Leg  - Rs 1800

Full Body -  Rs 8000

Bikini Line Rs 450



Upper Lip - Rs 300

Face & Neck - Rs 1400

Under Arms - Rs 450

Full Arms - Rs 1700

Half Legs - Rs 1600

Full Legs - Rs 2100

Full Body - Rs 7500



Forehead - Rs 200

Upper Lip - Rs 150

Eye Brows - Rs 300

Cheeks - Rs 400

Full Face - Rs 900



Mini Rs700

Full Rs 1600

Manicure with Gel Colour Rs 2400



Mini - Rs 800

Full - Rs 1900

Pedicure with Gel Colour - Rs 2850

Foot Massage - Rs 1600


Gel Nails

One Nail - Rs 600

Fill Only - Rs 3400

On Natural Nails - Rs 4200

On Tips - Rs 4700


Acrylic Nails

One Nail - Rs 600

Fill only - Rs 3400

On Natural Nails - Rs 4200

On Tips - Rs 4700



Clean Up - Rs 3000

Full Facial - Rs 5300

Skin Lightening - Rs 3000

Eye Treatment - Rs 2000

Back Treatment - Rs 2500


We have been visiting Nayana Salon in K-Zone for the past 3 years and Shayo has been doing a great job. I Highly recommend their services.

Excellent service by Kala. Highly professional. Similarly Shani and Shayo provide great value for money. Super team!

One of the best salons in town. Staff are very professional and friendly. Specially Shani was very talented and did a great job the both times I went there. I would definitely return here next time too! Thank you very much for your excellent service